Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brief Departure for Thoughts on 9/11

I know we generally talk about corporate bravery on this site but today is reserved for bravery of another kind.  Twelve years ago today many first responders in NY and DC risked their lives and many eventually lost them in a terrible attack on our country.  While you might think that I would reserve this post to salute those men and women who did risk their lives (and I do) the other heroes from that day are all of you for continuing to live your lives without fear of commercial flights, large public gatherings, or anywhere else that terrorists have sowed the seeds of fear.

While sadly, we continue to lose freedoms and sink into an ever more dreadful march towards fear, the United States wasn't founded with that culture but rather one of bravery.  Those early pioneers had a lot to fear but they persevered despite a long and uncertain sea voyage.  Our ancestors persevered despite the British desire to hold onto us as a colony, and again in the face of tyranny and destruction that was the Nazi party and eventually led us into world wars.  They persevered through famines and economic crashes and each time bounced back stronger than before.

So I salute every American today who continues to live their lives without fear of bombs and without feeling the need to add layers of security that only provide a false illusion of safety.

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